Taking advantage of the different types of relevant educational or training opportunities relevant to enhancing someone’s skillset and therefore career opportunities is critically important. Anyone who does this early on and throughout their career will be more likely to achieve success and meet personal goals.

As an Optimist member, we not only believe in bringing out the best in our youth and our communities. Equally important, we believe in bringing out the best in ourselves. By leveraging the professional development resources Optimist International has, we are able to offer programming and training resources to Optimist members and other groups we sponsor. Three of the key professional development programs are listed below.

We are currently exploring opportunities to offer similar professional development programming to high school and post-secondary education students within the City of Calgary and the surrounding area. 

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Optimist Institute

One of the key resources is the Optimist Institute.  It is an online learning management system packed with numerous courses, webinars, and other cool resources such as:

  • Leadership skills development courses

  • Technical skills development courses

  • Optimist International club member specific courses

  • Optimist International club officer training

  • Videos, quotes, and other motivational items posted regularly

Professional Development Program

Optimist International also offers a Professional Development Program (PDP) to aid in the development of leadership and career related skills, including the following: 

  • Time Management

  • Working in Diverse Cultures or Environments

  • Managing Change

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Ownership and Accountability

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

There are ten modules within the PDP; each of them with between two and nine lessons in length.

Personal Growth & Involvement (PGI) Program

There are many benefits to becoming an Optimist. And since "Bringing Out the Best in our Youth" is the consensus top benefit, the organization’s PGI program ranks a close second. Where else can members become a more knowledgeable volunteer?

This program offers members the opportunity to learn more about Optimism while advancing through ten levels of involvement, leadership growth and achievement. Through communication training, self-development modules and other personal growth activities, Optimist International gives members a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow into even stronger leaders. 

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